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100% Corn Tortillas

It all starts here. Gluten free, with no-GMO or preservatives, vegan friendly 100% maize corn tortillas! Made in the same traditional way as in Mexico.

Whether you like these corn tortillas soft or crispy, both ways offer a very unique taste. 


We offer......

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Things you can do with Tortillas

Here is just a short list of foods made with corn tortillas:

* Mexican Tacos * Hard Shell * Nachos * Tostadas * Flautas/Taquitos * Quesadilla * Azteca/Tortilla Soup * Chilaquiles * Enchiladas


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Other Things Related to Corn Tortillas.

Hard shell taco fryer, for making Tex-Mex style tacos.

Our company has a limited stock of these fryer baskets. They are available while supplies last. It has 8 slots and the measurements are: 31 cm (length)   x  16.5 cm (width) x 9.5 cm (height).

Close Up of Corn Field


We are a manufacturer of Latin American food products in Russia and neighboring countries. Currently, we are manufacturing traditional 100% corn tortillas.

  • Our goal - to make a variety of traditional and modern gourmet flavors that are made and enjoyed by people across Latin America and around the world and making them available to the people of Russia and Eurasia.

  • Our focus is: 

  1. Wholesale and retail food products for restaurants and other forms of HoReCa;  

  2. Food distribution network for retailers.



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To make the best Mexican food that this country has ever tasted, you need authentic ingredients.

We are here to help.